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Great opportunity to unite devices in a group anonymously and track each others.

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The program becomes a true helper for a group of users need to know a location of each other. Who will be members of the group is only your decision. Those groups may consist as from family members, close friends as from co-workers.

High accuracy of determining coordinates and tracking movements in real time allows you to get a clear understanding where all members in the group are. It is also possible to make actualization of the GPS coordinates for an individual user. It is important that tracking activity is made only after user confirmation by joining a group.

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Unbelievable Features

Easy navigation on map

An easy way to find each other.
High accuracy of location detecting
Real-time movement tracking

Responsive design

Based on the latest Android UI concepts.
Any screen resolution is supported

Low cost usage

Low battery usage
Low usage of carrier traffic

Keeps your privacy

Doesn't get privacy details from phone.
Only nicknames in a group

Simple group management

Unlimited count of group members.
Simple process to create, invite and join a group.
Force refresh of member locations.
Alerts about important actions in a joined group.

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